dumbDEGENERATE (dumbdegenerate) wrote in larry_our_lamb,

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Ha .. I'm already familiar with this wonderful website - and was going to post a link to it at some point. I'm scared to look at the episdode guide though, in case it ruins the impact of any of the stories when I actually see them.

I'm amazed that you've been taking the time to dig for Larry info ... what's going on there? Maybe you love the lamb more than you are letting on? Thanks for posting the link anyway - you are wonderful *hug*
no, i promise you. That lamb is on my 10 most wanted to hunt down and drown with a splurge gun.

Although i may have to torture im slowly first.
heh hehe, im lovin the lambster now!!! x

I'm trying to put you off! not encourage you!