dumbDEGENERATE (dumbdegenerate) wrote in larry_our_lamb,

The Voice of Dissent

from the link that tells us of Dennis the Daschund, My favourite quote

"...Larry the Lamb, whom I used to find pretty tedious as a child. This was partly because the actor who played him was required, whenever an appropriate vowel occurred, to bleat; but even more because he was so insufferably deferential. "Please, sir, Mr Mayor, sir," he would constantly wheedle, and "I'm only a little lamb..." "

Face it. He's crap. Dennis does indeed appear to be the evil behind the scheming, but when had Larry ever shown any sort of moral fibre? What does that teach children? yes kids, do what the bad boys tell you!

Before you know it the nation will be full of bleating louts who wheedle and pretend to be nice, while remaining deviouis and underhand.
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He's not crap at all!

Larry and Dennis are living in a town that's one step away from being a police state. And human's regard animals as second class citizens at best.

If they were to attempt some 'Animal Farm' type revolution, they would almost certainly end up having their names and addresses taken (no doubt a euphemism for something far more serious).

The only way they can hope to scrape an existance for themselves is to be underhand. Dennis is the brains, but Larry has the subtlety - playing the innocent to evade suspicion.

Children have the same kind of power balance in the adult world ... so Larry does provide a powerful role model - but he shows the way that children can make a better world for themselves, as opposed to what adults would like them to be.

Surely you'd agree that this is anything but 'crap'.
actually, i think crap is precisly what it is.

Seeing as every episode all Larry does is bleat and whinge.

plus, there is no exscusing what he did to that dragon1 that was cruel!
Have we even been watching the same televisual masterpiece? I think you'll find that it was Ernest the Policeman who truncheoned the dragon and paraded him around in chains. Larry gave him a cake - and since even a cake cost around a penny - and since Larry is usually impoverished, then that was a very nice gesture indeed!
aaah, but don't forget who went looking for the dragon in the fist place.

if larry wasn't such a nose little bugger, that dragon could have lived in contented freedom, doing no harm to anyone, for the rest of its days.