dumbDEGENERATE (dumbdegenerate) wrote in larry_our_lamb,

The Voice of Dissent

from the link that tells us of Dennis the Daschund, My favourite quote

"...Larry the Lamb, whom I used to find pretty tedious as a child. This was partly because the actor who played him was required, whenever an appropriate vowel occurred, to bleat; but even more because he was so insufferably deferential. "Please, sir, Mr Mayor, sir," he would constantly wheedle, and "I'm only a little lamb..." "

Face it. He's crap. Dennis does indeed appear to be the evil behind the scheming, but when had Larry ever shown any sort of moral fibre? What does that teach children? yes kids, do what the bad boys tell you!

Before you know it the nation will be full of bleating louts who wheedle and pretend to be nice, while remaining deviouis and underhand.
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