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Larry The Lamb

Trouble in Toytown
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This is the first LJ community devoted to the wonderful Larry The Lamb. It's a public scandal! Join, and discuss all aspects of life in Toytown - Baaaaa!
animal rights, arkville, bribery, buried treasure, butterscotch, cakes, childrens television, corruption, deception, dennis the dachshund, dragons, ernest the policeman, extortion, fairies, hammers, highwaymen, hulme beaman, larry the lamb, lollipops, mind control, mr growser, mr mayor, mr noah, mrs goose, names and addresses, patsy blower, pirates, plumbing, pocket money, police state, propaganda, stagecoaches, swindling, the inventor, the law, the magician, theatre, toadstools, toytown, wilfred babbage